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System offering

You consider the new acquisition/ replacement purchase of diverse assets?

We consult you vendor independent and offer you the fitting system. Convince yourself of our long-year competency.
Base gas and inertgasN2 / O2 / CO2 / Ar / He...
Flammable gasesH2 / Butan / Propan / Acethylen...
SpecialgasesB2H6 / CF4 / SiH4...
Toxic gasesCO / Chlor / Ammoniak / Fluor...
Vacuum supply
Liquid gasesN2 / O2 / H2 / Argon...
Helium regeneration and plasticizers
Gas detection and signalling
We support you also after the successful completion of your project.

Upon request, we offer you maintenance contracts, review existent components, create As-is analyses and fulfil advisory tasks.
We senitize your employees in terms of the safe handling with gases through extensive gas trainings – tailored to customer’s needs.

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